How to Help My Elderly Mother?

I have a 73 yr old mother with some mobility problems.  She calls herself disabled but can ambulate if the need be and she wants to. Has issues with thrombois in legs and hypertension,  she is on counadin and should be on bp med but refuses to take it. Depression and anxiety are also problems.  She is difficult to deal with as moods are ever changing. Financial needs to be put in order but she doesn’t seem to want to do these things...  any ideas?

Elle in Texas, 47

It sounds like there are a variety of issues that need to be addressed here.  The primary doctor as well as any other doctors or therapists working with your mother need to come to some consensus about the specific problems and then address each one.  Each doctor must be made fully aware of her moods, what medications she takes and why she takes them, as well as what she doesn’t take and why she refuses to take them. Doctors need a very clear understanding of the client, and it can be your responsibility to help deliver this information.

If the financial needs are complex, a professional financial consultant may be needed so that bills and taxes are paid in a timely manner.  An eldercare attorney may also be needed to make sure that all of her legal issues are handled while she has the capacity to make decisions.

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