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To help improve one’s quality of life, you have to first know their background. So as soon as I begin with a new client, I gather a sample skill inventory. This is a basic checklist that reveals who someone is, what their hobbies are or were, and what other areas they may be interested in exploring or learning about. The answers you get will begin to point you in a clear direction so you can help improve your elder’s quality of life.

This list can trigger old interests and memories, and can lead to new hobbies as well. Going through this exercise could give your elder increased energy and awareness. I always ask my client to check off any activities he/she has taken part in regularly, and to put a star next to any that he/she has organized or directed. Review this skill inventory list to find fun, engaging activities for your elder. Note that there may be other interests as well.

  • Aquatics such as boating, swimming, and water skiing.
  • Art such as painting, sculpture, and sketching.
  • Group activities like the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and religious groups.
  • Club affiliations for athletics, collecting, reading, and music.
  • Crafts such as basketry, ceramics, knitting, leatherwork, model building, pottery, and woodwork.
  • Creative pursuits such as dancing, music, and acting.
  • Sports like football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, tennis, track, swimming, boxing, golf, and other gym activities.
  • Office activities like journalism, public speaking, typing, bookkeeping, and computers.
  • Outdoor fun like camping, gardening, hiking, and nature study.

I always ask about additional hobbies or activities that aren’t included above. I can’t tell you how many times going through this list has helped my client recapture their sense of self. It may help your elders be happy about past strengths, and not become overwhelmed by a current weakness or sickness. 


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