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Many elderly are staying more active later in life, which is great, but can result in an increase in elder-related crimes. Here are some safety tips to consider when your elder ventures outside of the home.

  1. Wear shoes that are comfortable and in good repair
  2. Carry a purse with a firm grip and keep it close to the body
  3. When shopping, use a cart, since it can help with balance
  4. Don’t attempt to carry too many goods home – you can often have packages delivered
  5. Don't leave notes on the exterior of the door when going out
  6. Leave a light on in the home when going out
  7. Have your keys in hand when you arrive home or when approaching your car
  8. Don’t wear headphones – they are distracting and cut you off from your environment
  9. Take medication along if you’ll be gone for an extended period of time
  10. Carry a whistle for safety
  11. While driving, put any purse on the passenger side floor, out of sight, or in the back
  12. Keep the windows up and doors locked when driving
  13. Don’t open the trunk of the car with others around
  14. When possible, travel well-lit streets and highways, or travel during daylight hours
  15. Let someone know where you’re going and the route you plan to take
  16. Keep emergency items in the car such as a hat, sunscreen, bottled water, a spare tire, a flashlight, and an umbrella
  17. Carry a cell phone (with charger) in case of an emergency 
  18. While banking, be aware of who is around the ATM. Go inside the branch if necessary.
  19. Keep money out of sight and in a safe place
  20. Never leave valuables unattended


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