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Food is one of the areas in your elder’s life that is sometimes neglected, but you can step in and make sure it is something they look forward to, and can have fun with. Nutrition might be more important to them now than ever before, so fill the house with healthy foods that they enjoy eating, as long as their doctor approves. Always consider your elder’s likes and dislikes (within reason) and shape their diet accordingly. It sounds obvious, but many elderly are given processed liquid drinks and hard-to-handle food, and many do not get anything resembling balanced meals.

If you have time to cook yourself, find your elder’s favorite cookbook and go to the dirtiest pages - that’s where their favorite recipes are. Prepare these recipes for them, allowing your elder to help you, if he or she wishes. Cooking the meals together can turn eating into a fun activity. Make sure to plan a diet and eating routine that allows your elder to feed himself or herself as often as possible, to maintain independence. You also have to remember to make eating elder-friendly. If your elder has lost some manual dexterity, encourage finger foods, smaller portions, and use non-breakable plates.

It is important that your elder eats regularly, and gets the right amount of calories for their age, height, and weight. Check with your elder’s doctor for proper nutritional details, as well as any dietary restrictions. Change up the meal plan occasionally, so that food remains fresh and interesting for them. Many elderly lose interest in food and just don’t eat enough, and you don’t want that to happen. 

To supplement any meals you prepare yourself, find out if Meals-On-Wheels, or a similar delivery service, is available in your town. Also, investigate the local restaurants that are within delivery distance of your elder’s residence. Try them out with your elder, and find the ones he or she enjoys. This can be a good way to add variety to your elder’s meals. Always look for healthy options on the delivery menus. Check with the restaurants and see if you can set up a tab ahead of time, so your elder doesn’t have to worry about paying every time there is a delivery. Also, look into deliveries from a local grocery store, to ensure there are always fresh fruits, vegetables, and other staples available. 


I love to cook, usually I

I love to cook, usually I cook for the whole family every weekend (including brothers, sisters). It's a great excuse to reunite the family and have a great day.

Also it's important to take supplements so the body can receive all the vitamins and minerals that needs because a lot of times the food we eat everyday don't give us all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

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Although our elderly eat less

Although our elderly eat less than others, we must always make sure that they get the right amount of nutrients they need. Healthy meals can cost you extra but we should not forget that we are after healthy eating.


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