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Improving Communication

During your elder’s lifetime, the way we communicate has changed at warp speed.

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The New Retirement Paradigm

I often tell my clients, “Life’s an adventure and you only go around once, so you better make the most of it.” And the great news is that more and more of them are taking my advic

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Housing Options

Trying to find the right housing option for your elder can be incredibly difficult. Where and how a person lives says everything about their independence and sense of self.

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Sample Skill Inventory

To help improve one’s quality of life, you have to first know their background. So as soon as I begin with a new client, I gather a sample skill inventory.

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Pets can offer many benefits for seniors. Many seniors have pets they love, and often a pet is their only daily companion.

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Many families move their elder loved ones into their home environment once they reach a certain age.

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Safety Outside The Home

Many elderly are staying more active later in life, which is great, but can result in an increase in elder-related crimes.

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Are You A Caregiver?

I’ve met many people who have been providing care for years without realizing they are actually a caregiver.

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Elder Fraud

Elder fraud is happening at an alarming rate these days. Why? Unfortunately, the older population is very vulnerable. You have to stay alert to what can happen.

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Fun With Food

Food is one of the areas in your elder’s life that is sometimes neglected, but you can step in and make sure it is something they look forward to, and can have fun with.


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